Our Goal

In 2005, leading child development researchers at the University of Maryland, College Park created the Infant and Child Studies Consortium to work together to study how children learn and grow up. Since then, our research has developed and improved childhood literacy and numeracy programs, created new treatments and diagnostics for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and concussions, refined cochlear implant technology, and contributed to the greater understanding of language acquisition and social learning. Our offices are in the departments of Linguistics, Psychology, Human Development, and Hearing & Speech Sciences. None of our research would be possible without the generous participation of local families. Explore our site to find out more about our research and how to get involved in current projects.

Become our partners in understanding of how children's minds grow, and improving educational programs, policy treatments for childhood cognitive disorders. Use our sign-up to be contacted when your child is the right age for studies on child development from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Research Labs

Linguistics | Hearing and Speech Science | Human Development | Psychology

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